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Over 15 years in…


  • Defining a true identity, rolling out the asset library, and iterating to expand success.

  • Establish quality with fine-tuned voice and messaging.

  • Assess value and appeal for optimal market positioning.

  • Evangelize the brand/company vision to identify context for future success.


  • Defining effective, pressure-tested goals.

  • Tracking market trends (not chasing them).

  • Creating roadmaps: Combining goals and market projections.

  • Assessing scope and budget viability.

  • Never compromising the customer's experience.


  • Leveraging brand and strategy to grow awareness, engagement, and conversion.

  • Utilizing the strengths of prioritized channels.

  • Creating, testing, and iterating toward perpetual improvement.

  • Leveraging data to maximize ROI.

BONUS – Content Creator

With a diverse background in content creation, I am able to create assets as needed, including images, graphics, video, and web content. This includes writing. See samples below…


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Web and landing pages, advertising, email, social, sales enablement, executive presentations. Starting with brand voice and ending with the final words on the page. Click below to browse Spire's website.


Thought leadership, video scripts, evergreen pages, and pillar pages. I leverage my storytelling abilities to craft content which maximizes value for the target audience. Click below to read about the power of data.

Fiction | Entertainment

The most difficult form of writing is that which serves as the product. I have experience writing content at a level of quality that can be monetized. Click below to see some shipped content in action.


More projects

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